Appeals Policy

Learners have the right to appeal any assessment decisions. This policy outlines the process in accordance with the awarding body (YMCA Awards). 

All Evolve Fitness Education assessors have been approved by the awarding body and hold the relevant assessor and subject discipline for which they are assessing. Their decisions are based on judgements against awarding body criteria, but a learner may appeal a decision if they feel it is incorrect or unjust.  


A learner may appeal a decision made by a Evolve Fitness Education assessor for the following:

  • Assessment decisions for any individual item of coursework.
  • Assessment decisions for any element of the course (summative, continuous or formative)
  • The overall grade awarded for certification. 
  • The quality assurance decisions made by the YMCA Awards EQA were they conflict with those made by Evolve Fitness Education tutors and/or IQA. 
  • Special consideration outcomes. 

Grounds for appeal:

Learners may choose to appeal a decision for any of the following reasons.

  • Medical (a GP note must be produced) or other “extenuating circumstances” that occurred before or during the assessment (that the assessor was unaware of) which prevented the student from demonstrating their competence and achieving the assessment criteria.
  • The assessment was not performed to the regulations set by the awarding body. 
  • The assessor did not behave in a professional and appropriate manner in accordance with industry standards. 
  • Special consideration agreed before the assessment was not applied correctly or fairly. 

Appeals process:

Stage 1

If a student wishes to appeal the first stage is to refer the assessment to appointed Evolve Fitness Education Internal Verifier. This must be done within 5 working days. Learners should forward a completed appeals form (A1) and any supporting evidence to

Appeals made after the 5 days will not be considered. 

Stage 2

The IQA will contact the learner within 14 working days after receipt of the appeal. If the learner is not satisfied with the review and decision made by the IQA the case should be referred to the appointed CYQ EQA.

Stage 3

If the External Verifier is unable to resolve the issue the student must be advised to make a written appeal to the YMCA Awards lead verifier. The issue will be investigated thoroughly, and a written response will be sent within 21 working days.

Stage 4

In extreme circumstances if the issue has not been resolved the matter may be referred directly to the director of YMCA Awards.

Stage 5 

An appeal hearing conducted by senior YMCA Awards employees may be offered to the learner* 

*Please note this will incur a nominal fee which will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

Appeal cost

If an appeal is upheld there will be no cost to the leaner. Evolve Fitness Education will arrange a reassessment free of charge at a time agreed by the assessor and the learner.

If an appeal is dismissed or rejected the learner may incur a nominal fee from YMCA Awards (depending on the stage the appeal is elevated to). 

If the appeal is unsuccessful and the learner requires a reassessment, this can be booked free of charge as outlined in the assessment policy.

Appeals Guidance 

It is extremely difficult to investigate appeals without impartial evidence. Therefore, appeals against referrals in practical assessments based solely on the learner’s disagreement with the assessor’s decision will only be considered when accompanied by a video recording.

You have the right to video any aspect of your assessment using your own video equipment provided it does not interfere with the assessment process, other learners or the assessor’s ability to carry out their role.

It is the learner’s responsibility to arrange a video operator.