Equality and Diversity Statement

Evolve Fitness Education will not tolerate any behaviour from employees or learners that is discriminatory on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, colour, race, nationality, religious belief, ethnicity, disability, age or unrelated criminal convictions.


Enrolment on Evolve Fitness Education Ltd courses will be free from prejudice and bias. Learners will be enrolled irrespective of race, ethnicity, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, gender, religious belief, unrelated criminal convictions, or age if they meet the compulsory prerequisites and Evolve Fitness Education Ltd have the necessary learning support systems in place (where necessary). 

If Evolve Fitness Education Ltd feels it is not able to support a prospective learner safely and effectively through any of our courses, we will consult with YMCA Awards to ensure all possible special considerations have been considered before making any decision about the learner’s participation on the course.

It may be necessary to advise learners that provision would be best provided through another training provider if Evolve Fitness Education Ltd and YMCA Awards cannot accommodate any special considerations or learning needs. 


Evolve Fitness Education Ltd will promote and utilise teaching styles and resources that encourage inclusive learning. 

Course tutors will use approaches that differentiate learning and allow all students to fulfil their potential.

When necessary, Evolve Fitness Education Ltd through liaison with YMCA Awards will implement any relevant special considerations to assist students through courses, and assessment. 

All learning resources will promote equality and diversity. All images and literature will be free from discrimination and prejudice.  


Evolve Fitness Education Ltd has a responsibility to provide annual training on equality and diversity to all its employees.

All employees of Evolve Fitness Education Ltd have a personal responsibility for the practical application of this policy amongst learners and peers.

All Evolve Fitness Education Ltd employees and learners have a responsibility to adhere to this policy. Disciplinary action will be taken against any Evolve Fitness Education Ltd employee or learner who does not comply with this policy.

Evolve Fitness Education Ltd have responsibility to ensure that this policy and the approaches within are adhered to and that action is taken against those that do not adhere to the principles contained within. 


Complaints made by learners against tutors or fellow course members will be investigated thoroughly by the Evolve Fitness Education Ltd Equality officer. 

If the equality officer concludes that a member of staff has acted inappropriately, they will be suspended or removed from employment depending on the severity of their actions. 

If the equality officer concludes that a leaner has acted inappropriately, they will be removed from the course. No refund or re-enrolment will be offered. Learners who are unhappy with their removal should refer to the complaints policy for guidance.


We encourage learners to report any actions or behaviour that fail to adhere to our equality and diversity policy. Incidents can be reported to: