Frequently Asked Questions


Distance learning refers to content studied by the learner outside of the course facilities and dates. At Evolve Fitness Education Ltd we provide all our learners with official YMCA Awards e-learning resources. Not only that, but all learners also get access to every unit (even the practical units) to enhance your learning experience and ensure you have all the tools you need to understand and implement course content.

Blended learning is a term that refers to courses that mix distance learning with face-to-face learning. All our courses use blended learning to ensure you can maximise learning, gain support and feedback and maintain some control over your pace of learning.

While studying with Evolve Fitness Education Ltd you are likely to engage in distance learning on one or more of our two online platforms. Both platforms are hosted online and can be accessed on laptop, tablet or mobile via all the major internet browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.

We offer flexible payment options for those that wish to spread the cost of their course. We provide 6-month payment plans, which are available for our Diploma level courses and can be requested upon payment. 

 Reoccurring card payments are taken from your chosen payment method every 30 days until the balance is cleared.

YMCA Awards do allow credits from certain coursers to be counted towards your course completion. They provide a list of acceptable courses, units and standards that can be used. Many learners prefer to complete the course in full to refresh knowledge and ensure all content is effectively covered. Using prior achievement can become messy and there are no courses that will allow you to claim our qualifications in full.

No. There are several staff first aid qualified on site during the course. Once you qualify it is a particularly good idea to obtain a suitable first aid qualification to give you and your clients confidence should anyone require care, however this is not a legal requirement.

Many course providers charge fees for assessment resits. Here at Evolve Fitness Education Ltd we believe in our tutors, our resources and our support. Should you miss out on a pass by a mark or two we believe it is our responsibility to support you to a level of achievement. We will not charge any fees to re-sit practical or theory assessments.

No. While many of our learners come with their own passion for fitness, it is not essential to enrol and succeed. No experience of instructing is required, we will teach you everything you need to know!

Certificates are issued from the awarding body. YMCA Awards release times can vary but typically you can expect your certificate within 4-6 weeks. If the YMCA awards EQA requests to sample learner work this may add a short amount of time to the process.

Our policy is to provide all learners with the full resource bundle, this includes provision for all. Our assessors and invigilators perform assessments in groups and are not paid per learner. As a result, we cannot offer a discount as our costs will stay the same. Sorry.

We do not operate a guaranteed interview scheme. Companies that do offer these schemes often provide opportunities that we feel do not suit our newly qualified learners, with high rents and pressure. We have many local contacts, and we are happy to share these with you to help you arrange facilities and opportunities locally.

Courses vary in duration. Diploma courses take longer than Certificate level courses. The other factor is how quickly each individual completes their e-learning and coursework. 

We pride ourselves on providing quality education at a price that is affordable. There are a wide range of prices available for the same course, sometimes companies will inflate the price due to the additional courses or products they include, while some use brand power to inflate their prices.

Sometimes PT courses are advertised unbelievably cheap. These courses are nearly always workshop/short courses that are not approved by CIMPSA who regulate approved awarding bodies.

We are an approved YMCA Awards centre providing CIMPSA approved courses recognised in the UK and across the world. We choose to offer our courses at a price that is good value and affordable for our learners.

No. While a certain level of English is required, we will provide support where necessary to assist learners. We can request special consideration to provide provision such as readers or extra time in the theory assessments.

There are no limits to the amount of resits for any assessments on your course. If you require further assessments simply book another slot. There are no fees for resit assessments.

The theory assessments are invigilated assessments which require the learner to achieve a pass mark on a multiple-choice exam. Evolve Fitness Education Ltd use online assessments meaning you get instant results as soon as you complete your exam.

The assessment is performed on a computer or laptop, with each requiring a pass mark of 70%. Assessments cover topics such as Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition.

Each learner will be supplied with the contact details for their tutor. The tutor will provide email support within 48 hours or if you require more in-depth support, calls can be arranged with your tutor to discuss your problem. 

We ask all our learners to highlight any specific learning needs or barriers upon enrolment to help us assist with your learning provision. Special consideration or teaching may be applied to support learners with additional needs.

Learners must be at least 16 at the time of enrolment.

Yes. We can enrol you on a Diploma in Personal Training. This is a single qualification that removes the gym instructor element from the Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training. 

If you have completed a level 2 gym instructor qualification with another training provider, we will need a copy of your certificate.

If you decide to progress from a level 2 Gym Instructor completed with Evolve Fitness Education Ltd, we can just alter your enrolment with the details we hold for you. 

Please contact for further details.

Gym Instructor Course – £495

Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training – £1595

We are proud to offer quality industry approved courses at affordable prices. We want the courses to be accessible to everyone and our courses are priced to reflect this against the industry average. 

There are no additional costs to our courses for exams, resources, certificates or resits, what you see is what you pay*

*Extra resource requests made by the learner are chargeable.

YMCA Awards are the longest operating awarding body for fitness education. Respected and recognised worldwide, we believe their qualifications offer our learners a fantastic course and the best possible start to their fitness careers.

CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector. 

Achievement of our level 3 Personal Trainer qualification will provide entry to the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity at ‘Practitioner level’ (exercise and fitness)

Achievement of this qualification will also provide entry to the REPs category of Level 3 Personal Trainer. REPs is an independent, public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of health-enhancing exercise instructors in the UK. REPs provide a system of regulation for instructors and trainers to ensure that they meet the health and fitness industry’s agreed National Occupational Standards. REPs provide assurance and confidence to the public and employers that all professionals on the Register are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills to perform their role effectively. REPs were developed to protect the public from trainers who do not hold appropriate qualifications. As well as protecting the public, REPs was also established to recognise the qualifications and skills of exercise professionals.

Each course will have individual unit/task deadlines which will be communicated to you by your tutor. 

While we pride ourselves on being flexible for our learners, we have an 18-month deadline on all course enrolments. Many learners will complete courses within 3-6 months, so this deadline reflects the possibility that you may experience personal difficulties and need to transfer, giving you 3 times longer than the average completion time to complete your studies. 

If you want to complete your course after the 18-month deadline you will need to re-enrol on your course at full cost.  

This ensures that all our employees can give 100% focus to our current learners.