Malpractice/Maladministration Policy

Malpractice is defined as any deliberate activity or practice that is illegal and/or


  • The integrity of the assessment process
  • the integrity of regulation of qualifications 
  • the validity of certificates 
  • the reputation or credibility of the awarding organisation
  • the qualification, or the wider education or respective industry sector 

Maladministration is any activity or practice that results in the centre failing to comply with

the specified requirements for delivery of YMCA Awards qualifications and components

Evolve Fitness Education Ltd will report all instances of suspected malpractice or maladministration by learners and employee to the awarding body (YMCA Awards). 

Examples of malpractice 

  • Non-compliance in observing the mandatory rules of conduct during an assessment, resulting in fraudulent claims for certification. 
  • Replication of another learner’s work in either the practical, theoretical or portfolio aspect of assessment, resulting in fraudulent claims for certification (this can include plagiarism, collusion, impersonation, copying) 
  • Misconduct (learner behaviour such as offensive, obscene or discriminatory material; disruptive language or behaviour causing a disturbance; use of unauthorized aids such as mobile phones) 

Examples of maladministration 

  • failure to apply YMCA Awards invigilation procedures for external assessment.
  • failure to ensure that external assessment materials are stored securely and are not accessed by learners or unauthorised centre employees.
  • failure to apply YMCA Awards’ procedures for internal assessment (including accurate record keeping in the form of summary records of achievement for each learner and documented internal quality assurance planning and standardisation activity) 
  • failure to report any suspected malpractice to YMCA Awards.
  • application of a reasonable adjustment or special consideration without an appropriate rationale.


Where an incident of misconduct is discovered or reported during or after an external assessment, we will carry out the following actions: 

  • the invigilator may decide to remove the learner suspected of misconduct from the assessment situation, particularly if the misconduct is disrupting other learners or is likely to undermine the integrity of the assessments being taken by other learners. 
  • the learner’s assessment materials (question paper, response sheet and any notes) will be retained and accompanied by a summary written report completed by the invigilator (in cases where the assessment has been taken online this will be noted in the invigilation report).
  • the report and learner assessment materials will be kept securely, and a copy submitted to YMCA Awards.