Reasonable Assessment Adjustment

Learners will be given the opportunity to highlight learning needs or any other difficulty that may disadvantage them during assessment. The initial opportunity for Evolve Fitness Education Ltd employees to assess this will be through the learning needs questionnaire in the student pack completed on enrolment to a course. Staff will have a further opportunity to screen learners during the screening completed at the beginning of the course.

Any learners that will not be able to meet the assessment requirements or that may need reasonable adjustment will be notified as early as possible and be supported by to formulate a plan to enable to the learner to complete or partially complete the course and its assessment requirements. 

Where possible we will source additional staff and/or resources to allow the learner to complete assessments including readers, scribes, or sign language interpreters.

We will consult with YMCA Awards on any case that it feels needs assessing and will agree an outcome based on the instructions or guidance from them. All reasonable adjustment will be recorded for auditing purposes by the YMCA awards EQA.

When the reasonable adjustment is listed as YMCA Awards decision, Evolve Fitness Education Ltd will submit the RAA form to the awarding body for consideration and approval. We will then formulate a plan with the learner based on the recommendations given.

Special Consideration

Evolve Fitness Education Ltd will submit a case for special consideration to YMCA Awards if the learner experiences any of the following which prevents them from completing a part of the course or assessment:

  • an illness or injury


  • some other event outside of the learner’s control, which has had, or is reasonable likely to have had a material effect on that learner’s ability to take an assessment or demonstrate his or her level of attainment in an assessment (this may include, but is not limited to, an accident, bereavement or serious disturbance during the assessment)

Evolve Fitness Education Ltd will accept the decision from YMCA Awards regarding any cases submitted and will support the learner through anyoutcome.